Why this business expanded during the pandemic

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Why this business

expanded during

the pandemic


Midlands property agent
The Lettings and Sales Business has triumphed against the odds. Its owners talk rebranding, family life, and their views on the current property market

When you set up your own business, you don’t expect to take it through a global pandemic and at the same time experience a 116% growth spurt in just one year, but that’s what’s happened to The Lettings Business. Married couple Jaz Kaur and Narinder Nijjar launched the business in 2019 – and it’s been an exciting year! Now, looking back on where they began, they say they were well and truly ready for a rebrand and to finally accept the growth their clients were asking of them.

On July 1, they became The Lettings and Sales Business. The company specialises in lettings, property management, and now sales of established homes. “We had so many clients asking us if we would sell their properties,” Jaz told us. “They didn’t want to put their properties on the market with anyone else. We always do right by the client and we just didn’t have the processes
in place for sales and we weren’t willing to dilute our lettings service.

“Rebranding has been hard,” she continues. The business is my baby and I loved the pink and blue colours we went for. But it grew so quickly that now I look back and I see that it wasn’t quite right any more.”

They thought they could run The Lettings Business from the comfort of their own home, but their passion for property meant this was never going to be the case. Both worked previously as consultants for property businesses, during which time they would attempt to transform the way they operated for the good of their vendors and buyers. Frustrated with the way these companies treated their clients, they took matters into their own hands.

“When you’re consulting for another company, you can give them as many ideas and processes as you like, but they will only do what they want to do. It was such a shame that companies would get stuck in their comfort zone and be unwilling to go the extra mile,” said Narinder.

With 35 combined years of experience in the property sector, armed with the teachings of countless customer service mistakes from other businesses, they were ready to take action. Behind them, there could be no better business coaches than their own parents.

For Jaz, property is in her blood. She would work with her parents during summer holidays when home from studying law and manage their student properties. She told us: “My grandad came to this country to join the army and my parents followed. They had nothing. They worked from one sewing machine to make money – and ended up owning properties and factories and becoming a global manufacturer and wholesaler of clothing. I can’t think of any better mentors I’d rather go to than them.”

For Narinder, however, property was his second love – but after marrying Jaz in June 2006, he was fully immersed in the industry by July of the same year. “Both our parents come from a hard-working background. My mum and dad would only see each other on Saturdays due to their jobs. I worked with my dad in clothing retail from the age of 11. After Jaz introduced me to property, though, I was converted,” he said.

Narinder is the ideas generator and Jaz puts them into action with meticulously thought-out processes. Jaz explained: “People always ask: ‘Don’t you drive each other mad?’ We do bicker and it would be unhealthy not to, but the reality is I can’t think of anyone else I would want to work with but my Narinder. You must remember: we have the same ethics and vision, and we are working for a common goal: our daughters and each other.

“I look at my mum and I’ve only ever seen her stand shoulder-to- shoulder grafting with my dad. My four-year-old once said to us: ‘Thank you for how hard you work,’ and my nine-year-old said she wants to work really hard like me when she’s older – and that makes me so proud, because sometimes you do get mummy guilt.”

Narinder added: “We live in this weird society where everyone wants to be the next Kardashian. So, if our daughters can understand that hard work will underpin everything they do, we’re happy.”

This hard work ethic has taken them from The Lettings Business to The Lettings and Sales Business and a team of six in just a year. With their two other businesses in tow –
1 Stop Maintenance, specialising in repairs and renovations, and Fraser Stretton, a bespoke new-build sales specialist for small-to-mid-sized developers, they are more excited than ever.

“I know there’s a lot of talk about what’s going to happen to the property market right now, but personally we’ve not seen a change. We are remarkably busy and we are excited, not worried. Nobody knew that there was going to be a pandemic, but you’ve just got to carry on,” Jaz asserted.

The pair say Boxing Day is notorious for valuation requests, when families realise they may want to upsize, and couples realise that they just do not get on after spending more time than usual together. Jaz and Narinder are anticipating lockdown may have a similar effect.

Narinder explained: “Families have been in lockdown and it’s dawned on them that they need a bigger house! Other couples are realising they perhaps cannot stand each other, so they are ready to move. We’re looking forward to genuinely helping people as The Lettings and Sales Business.”

For a free online lettings or sales valuation, visit letsandsalesuk.com

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